Mozilla Summit 2013:Where am I (Day 1)

[en] I'll be at these sessions, just FYI. The Location and Facilitators information are all for Santa Clara, please check the full agenda of Friday. Welcome to stop and say hi.

以下是我的選課指南,給眾人參考。地點跟 Facilitators 都是 Santa Clara 的場次,而後面中文是我自己的 Comment。完整資訊請參考 Wiki


下午 1:00-2:15 及 2:45-4:00 可以任選兩堂:

Building a Web Literate World


我自己是很吃 Webmaker 專案提出來的這一套:教你一點邏輯,一點 Web 的編輯方式,只是因為那(即將)就是生活技能之一,就如拿筆書寫、操作微波爐。沒有人想計較你寫字好看與否,傳遞表意即可;沒有人想計較你操作微波爐多快,有東西可以吃即可。

希望接下來對 Mozilla Foundation 的專案更深入接觸。

What does "Mozillian" mean?


備選 (aka If something goes wrong...)

Ecosystems in our Image

有興趣的地方:應該會討論到,在當前的 App Marketplace 世界裡,Mozilla 要有怎樣的表現,才不至隨波逐流,而能把理念化為機制,實際產生影響?

對於其他 Session 的想法 (Few comments on other session)

The Web We Want: Could be a good topic for discussion, but I can hardly image how deep we can go in a 75 mins session.

Firefox OS in 2014 and Beyond: 1) Luckly I'm familiar with the development team, and the public information should be enough (or it's not Mozilla.) and 2) I think it will not be a "discussing session," IMPOV.

Privacy, Security, and Data: Pragmatic Innovations for Users and the Web: Looks nice when relate to UX, not sure if we will have some prototype or anything as an outcome.