Default Settings of CamStudio For UX Test

CamStudio, for Windows, can record the entire screen and voice, plus a few features to make it a good software for UX Test, and it's free software (amazing!) Here's my default setting of CamStudio:

Video Options

  • Compressor: Microsoft Video 1
  • Quality: 65
  • Check the Auto Adjust in the frame rate section

It's not necessary to use the loseless codec, since 65% is good enough, at least in my case.

Cursor Options

  • Check Show Cursor, and Use Actual Cursor
  • I use light yellow Circle in Halfsize (the default value) for Highlight Cursor

Actual Cursor is context-rich and helpful for quickly figure the position of cursor (on a link, along with the window border… etc.)


  • Check Record audio from microphone in the main Option menu
  • Audio Options > Audio Options for Microphone
    • Recording Format: 11.025 kHz, mono, 16-bit
    • Keep the default value in other sections.

Program Options

The worst part of the setting UI in CamStudio, IMO.

  • Check these options:
    • Minimize program on start recoding
    • Hide flashing rectangle during recording
    • Save setting on exit
    • Capture translucent/layered Windows
  • In Play AVI file when recording stops, choose Do not playing AVI file. You may want to play the video clip right after your "test run" recording to check if everything goes well, but I'll suggest to switch back once you make sure the settings are suit your need.
  • In Temporary directory for recording, choose Use Windows temporary directory.
  • In Recording Thread Priority, choose Above Normal.
  • In Name of AVI file, choose Automatic file naming

CamStudio should have someone revisit this part of UI, really inconvenient.

2 則留言:

  1. 用 MS Video 1 去壓不會太胖嗎?

  2. peter,

    我測的結果這已經是他提供的 Codec 裡最小的了 T_T 其他的不是螢幕會亂掉就是太肥,有什麼建議嗎?