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想讓作品揚名國際的機會又來了一個。Ubuntu 為下一個版本(應該是 8.10,也就是今年十月會推出的版本)舉辦了「Free Culture Showcase」活動,一旦入選、你的作品就可能會「灑」到全球數百萬台電腦上 — 這比台灣現在很多藝人賣得都多啦!以下引自 Ubuntu Wiki 並附上簡譯:

For a long time now, Ubuntu has included on the CD a small collection of media files that can be used to show off a new Ubuntu system. This content has always included a sound and a video clip, both using the free Ogg Vorbis and Theora formats.

For the next release of Ubuntu we want to shake things up a little bit, and ship some content that shows off free culture artists. At the heart of Ubuntu's ethos is a belief in showcasing free software and free culture, and we think it would be an excellent opportunity to show off some free culture artists by putting their media on millions of Ubuntu systems around the world. Although the space restrictions are tight, we think this is too good an opportunity to miss.

So, we present the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase. How it works is pretty simple:

簡譯:Ubuntu 一直以來都隨 CD 附上一些多媒體檔案作為示範,從下一版起希望能為各位帶來支持自由文化之創作者的作品。想參加的人有幾點要注意:

  • Your submission must be no larger than 1MB for the audio and 3MB for the video. 音樂檔上限 1MB、影片檔上限 3MB
  • Upload your submission somewhere online (there are lots of free hosting solutions available such as archive.org). Do not email any of the organisers or judges with your submissions. 把檔案上傳到如 archive.org 那類的分享網站,不要直接寄過來!

  • Add your entry to one of the tables below. 把連結等資訊加到 Ubuntu Wiki 上的表格 (不會使用 Wiki 的創作者,把檔案上傳好資訊給我、我幫你加!)
  • When the deadline for submissions closes, our panel of judges (Cory Kontros, Luis de Bethencourt, Luke Yelavich, Lydia Pintscher and Tony Whitmore) will pick a shortlist, and the Community Council will then pick the final winners from the shortlist. 評審團會選出入圍清單、交由社群決定最後入選的作品。

截止日期: The deadline for submissions is 4th September 2008.

另外有件重要的事情是,所有參加的作品都必須以創用 CC 姓名標示—相同方式分享 2.0 條款釋出 (我不曉得為什麼他們選擇了一個這麼舊的版本)。詳情請自己參考 Wiki 囉!

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  1. 1MB/3MB會不會太寒酸?一般在抓的MP3一首好歹就3MB了吧…… XDrz