Flock 1.0 相關消息

昨天才提到 Flock 的事情,今天就有新消息。

Flock 創業者之一的 Geoffrey V. Arone 今天證實離開 Flock 團隊,或許應該算高昇 -- 他將到 Flock 金主之一的 Bessemer Venture Partners 工作。在 Blog 上有幾篇留言透漏 1.0 相關的消息:

Q (by Your Name): Why is it taking so long to relase the product? Isn't it way past due already?

A (Evan Hamilton): Things have been progressing at an incredible rate and we should have a clear view of what 1.0 is soon. As soon as I know, I will let you all know.

A (Shawn Hardin): You're right: we are late delivering 1.0 -- we have received a tremendous number of great ideas from this dynamic community, and we are taking them into account, but that means we have had to delay our launch. We've already got a set of new features integrated - including being on top of FF 2.0 and better bookmarks - so look for news soon on how we plan to release a version of Flock with those benefits, as we move along the path as quickly as possible to 1.0.

簡譯: 有人問道為啥 1.0 拖了這麼久,Flock 的 CEO Shawn Hardin 承認他們的確晚了,因為有太多想放的功能,最近才確定要放哪些不放哪些;社群關係「大使」Evan Hamilton 則表示最近已經大有進展,相信很快會有好消息


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