Thunderbird 的新公司

(from Mitchell Baker) The result is that Mozilla is launching a new effort to improve email and internet communications. We will increase our investment and focus on our current email client -- Thunderbird -- and on innovations in the email and communications areas. We are doing so by creating a new organization with this as its sole focus and committing resources to this organization. The new organization doesn't have a name yet, so I'll call it MailCo here. MailCo will be part of the Mozilla Foundation and will serve the public benefit mission of the Mozilla Foundation. (Technically, it will be a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation, just like the Mozilla Corporation.)

重點摘要:Mozilla 基金會將開設另一間公司專門研發 Thunderbird 及 TB 相關軟體。


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  1. 現在的Mozilla公司大概哪天會改名成Firefox公司吧? XD